Do you want to let us do the PR for your company in the Netherlands, Germany and England?

Three websites filled with holiday possibilities for elderly persons and persons with a disability. You can help with expanding our offers and possibilities by joining us with your company.

If you are interested then this is what you get:

* your own page on the website of Disabled-Holidays in 1 or more sections, with a link through to your own website.

* 8 times per year we visit care markets or fairs to make sure that you company is known with the Dutch tourists. We hand out our magazine to our clients (disabled  persons, elderly persons and their families)

* Dutch website google ranking 4  

  German website google ranking 3

  English website  google ranking 3

* All reservation will be booked with the owner, we don't take any provision!

If you want to participate in more than one section we'll make a combination price, email us for a costumized price.


                                      Rates Disabled-Holiday 2017


Type participation / activity

When you use a combination of categories a special reduced price is possible after consultation.

Per year


Incl. translation

  • Holiday houses

€ 59,50

  • Travel organizations

€ 89,50

  • Groups accommodations

€ 59,50

  • Care Hotel

€ 69,50

  • Bed and Breakfast

€ 59,50

  • Hotel

€ 69,50

  • Campsite

€ 42,50

  • Banner on the homepage (only in combination)

€ 150,-

  • Banner in category (only in combination)

€ 65,-

  • PR film on our websites

after consultation







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